How to Play Hard to Get

For most people, how to play hard to get is just one of the many dating games. Though most may think that it's a woman's job to play hard to get, a man can benefit from knowing how to play that game as well. So, if you are a man who wants to go by that "catch me if you can rule," follow these steps on how to play hard to get and keep a woman on her toes.

  1. Flirt like crazy. For plenty of singles, there is no harm in flirting and it is fun for all parties involved so when you feel things are about to get intense, abruptly change the subject by moving the conversation elsewhere. If she wonders why you stop simply, say you want to cool it a bit and take things slow. That shows her you are hard to get and as long she play by your rules, you will have an upper hand.

  2. Stay busy. Have a full schedule or even if you do not have one, pretend that you do. If she wants to know what you are doing for the weekend, tell you have chores to do, working, or made plans in advance to hang out with your boys. While you do not want to brush her off entirely, let her know when you have the time, you will call to arrange a date…soon. Besides, it is not exactly playing hard to get if you are busy, right?

  3. Call less. Too much contact makes a man less mysterious so do not sit by the phone waiting for it to ring. Keeping yourself occupied means you would not have the urge to call all the time, instead let the girl wondered what is up with you and make contact. If she really likes you, there is a good chance she will blow up your phone with texts and voice messages.

  4. Be a tease. Playing hard to get is also a push and pull game so take advantage of your best qualities- be it your excellent humor, charm, or physical looks. Shower her with compliments, show off your great abs (if you have them) and make a move giving a little kiss or neck action, or briefly stare into her eyes with passion to build up the tension. When she tries to reciprocate, break away and continue doing things you both did beforehand– whether it is watching a movie, dancing, etc.

  5. Talk about women you do know. Another way to play hard to get is bringing up co-workers from work or female friends, and make light conversations on how cute or funny they are can ignite a little jealously and make her work more for your attention. Do not go overboard and make sure these relationships are purely innocent or on a friendship, level or else she will think something is going on. When a woman is into a man, she does not want any competition from other women and in few cases, will do anything in her power to keep him focused on her.

  6. Be playful. Make physical contact by lightly wrestling with her, or playing with her hair by brushing your fingers through it. Soon enough she will feel the connection but stop her at her tracks and keep her guessing. Understand the tables may turn and when you think things are in your favor, you might just give in.


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