How To Play High Post In Basketball

If you are in this place on your team's offensive set, learn how to play high post in basketball to improve in this role. The high post involves all aspects of the triple threat position in basketball, with passing, shooting, and driving. It also involves other fundamentals on the offensive end.

  1. Be smart without the ball. The high post involves important fundamentals when you are without the ball.  You must be aware of when to set screens for other players. You also need to move without the ball well, to take advantage of a mismatch or to get open.
  2. Find the open man. With the ball in the high post, you need to be aware of teammates who are making cuts to the basket. Easy passes inside from cutters are common in the high post when the defense is unprepared. You can shine in the offensive post by finding the open man and becoming a better passer.
  3. Work on hitting the open midrange jumper. You can easily get inside by making the defense pay for sagging off of you with your jumper.  If you can consistently hit the midrange jumper you will vastly improve offensively.
  4. Drive to the basket. When you receive the ball in the high post you will be able to strongly make a move toward the basket. Take advantage of the defense or a matchup by developing moves to the basket. In order to keep the defense off-balanced, develop your midrange jumper. If you can shoot and drive, you will have a distinct advantage in the high post.



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