How To Play A Hockey Drinking Game

By keeping some basic tips in mind, you can learn about how to play a hockey drinking game. No matter if you are familiar with the traditional rules of ice hockey, you are sure to enjoy this unique and enjoyable drinking game.

You will need: 

  • playing cards
  • alcohol
  • table
  1. Divide the number of people who are interested in playing a hockey drinking game into two equal teams. Instruct them to stand on opposite sides of a table, facing each other.
  2. Divide a deck of cards into two equal piles. Give one half-deck to each team.
  3. Alternately lay cards down on the table until one teams finds the three of clubs. This card starts the hockey drinking game. Place it in the center of the table, and clear a space around it. The team that has not laid the three of clubs must take a drink of beer, wine or liquor.
  4. Instruct the opposite team to lay one of their cards down on the table. Typically, the card must be taken from the top of the deck. If there is no match with the starting card, then the game continues. Once one of the teams matches a card to the starting three with either another three or a club, they can make the other team drink.
  5. The team that lost the match must continue drinking until the team that made the match knocks their fist on the table or countertop. The person who made the match will then lay down an entirely new card, and the game begins again.
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