How To Play Homeworld Game

Knowing how to play a "Homeworld" game is easy to do, but hard to master. "Homeworld" is a real-time strategy game for the PC that's quite different from other real-time strategy games because of its use of a completely 3D space. Taking place in space, "Homeworld" allows for a huge amount of tactics on multiple planes. Knowing how to play a game of "Homeworld" relies heavily on your planning and reactions in a 3D space. While easy to play, mastering the game is quite a difficult task that requires a lot of practice.

  1. Choose your race. "Homeworld" allows you to play as two races: the Kushan and the Taiidan. While cosmetically different, both races share the same basic styles of ship. Both have miners, scouts, fighters and so on, all with basically identical stats. Choose whichever race looks the best to you; there is really no difference.
  2. Once the mission starts, begin mining. The most important aspect of a game of "Homeworld" is resource collection and management. Without resources, you cannot build an army to complete the mission. You always begin the mission with harvesters, so send them out into space to gather asteroid minerals. They will automatically return them to the ship and go out to get more.
  3. Build an army. An army is the only thing stopping your enemies from completely destroying your mothership. You need a decent sized army for most missions; the amount will vary depending on mission objectives. Make sure your army is varied; fast ships are great for flanking enemy ships while your bigger ships distract them head on. You can also come from above or below for a pincer attack on a different axis.
  4. Complete your objectives. The objectives vary from mission to mission; one can have you retrieve a piece of data and return it to your mothership while another can have you destroy an enemy mothership. Only go when you are comfortable with your standing army. Pushing out too early can cause you to get completely destroyed. "Homeworld" is not always about pure numbers because strategy can help you overcome missions that seem impossible. Think things through before you move out.

Keeping all these steps in mind will give you the basics of playing a game of "Homeworld." Unfortunately, the multiplayer servers have been shut down for quite some time because of the age of the game. Still, following these steps in the single-player and skirmish modes will help immensely if you are unsure how to play "Homeworld."

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