How To Play The Horn Bet In Craps

If you learn how to play the horn bet in craps, you're sure to increase your excitement with the game while possibly decreasing your winnings. The horn bet, also called a center prop bet, is a lot of fun, but the excitement is short lived because the bet only is good for the next roll.

Things you'll need:

  • Craps table and game pieces
  • Chips
  1. Obtain casino chips. Craps games are always played with gambling chips, so you need to trade your money for chips in order to play. Never trade in more money than you can afford to lose.
  2. Understand the horn bet. The horn bet is actually four separate bets. You can bet that the very next number rolled will be a two, a three, an eleven or a twelve. If the two or twelve come in on the next roll, yahoo! You're in the money at 30 to one odds. If a two or an eleven comes in, you're still doing well at your 15 to one bet.
  3. Throw your chips to the stickman. Don't try to hand a craps dealer any chips because it's illegal for them to take the chips from your hand. You must toss the chips to them.
  4. Call your bet. Most people choose to play a five dollar bet on the horn (one dollar on each number and then an extra dollar on one of the numbers). If you yell "Horn High Yo!" the stickman will put one chip on each number (two, three, eleven and twelve) and an extra chip on the eleven (also known as the "Yo"). Yelling "Horn High' generally means to put the extra chip on the highest number–the twelve. Similarly, "Horn Low" is when you want the extra chip on the lowest number–the two.
  5. If you win, take your winnings. Most dealers will pay you and leave your bet back up, which means that you're making the same bet for the next roll.


  • Play the horn bet carefully and you can win, but you can also lose very quickly. Don't rely upon the horn bet to fill your pockets.
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