How To Play Internet Radio On Home Stereo

Learn to play internet radio on a home stereo and upgrade your listening experience away from tiny computer speakers and headphones. The simple connection lets your listen to your favorite internet programs and podcasts throughout your home.

You will need:

  • 3.5mm audio cable
  • Composite audio to 3.5mm converter
  • Computer with 3.5mm headphone/speaker Jack
  • Internet connection
  1. Connect the 3.5mm cable to your computer. Connect the cable to your headphone jack or unplug your speakers and use their connection.
  2. Connect the converter. Converters are available at most electronics stores as cables or small adapters. Plug the end of the 3.5mm cable into the 3.5mm input of the audio adapter. (Tip: Certain home stereo systems have a 3.5mm input connection labeled "Aux." If your stereo includes this feature, you do not need a converter.)
  3. Connect the stereo. Connect the component ends of the converter to the component inputs on your home stereo system. (Tip: If you keep your computer and home stereo far apart, a wireless converter lets you connect the devices from different rooms.)
  4. Set the stereo input. If your stereo has multiple input options, select the input with the computer connection.
  5. Access internet radio. Connect your computer to the internet radio station of your choice. Sound should play from your stereo system. For maximum clarity, turn your computer's volume to maximum and control the volume using your stereo's controls.

With internet radio, homes with poor reception can receive clear sound. You can also listen to your computer's music library or sound from a video with this connection.

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