How To Play iPod Through Computer Speakers

Your iPod comes with quality earphones but mobility and other reasons make it necessary to know how to play an iPod through computer speakers. Before that question is answered, here are a few reasons you would want to. You could have spent a pretty good penny on your computer set and that included sweet speakers that can blast your music files in your apartment much better than the little earphones. You could ALSO be on a budget and instead of getting a new set of speakers to play off your iPod, you would rather use your existing computer speakers. Your friend could also have dropped by and, according to his classy taste, you just have to listen to the latest and greatest European find of his and blast it through something with power.

The two ways you could play iPod through you computer include:

  1. Plug into a computer and iTunes. With your iPod connected to a computer via the USB cable, open up iTunes and select your iPod off the main directory on the left side of iTunes. This opens up all your music and video files stored in your iPod, including Podcasts. Play off this list like you would play off the music from your hard drive. You can control the volume through the iTunes volume control on the top-left of the iTunes screen or use your computer speakers' volume dial or buttons. Using the main volume control of your computer will also work. You won't be able to control the iPod or navigate the iPod when it's plugged into iTunes. If you don't want to sync the iPod with iTunes, make sure to choose to manually control the iPod as soon as you plug it into the computer and open up iTunes. An option screen will pop up as soon as iTunes is opened with the iPod connected. Click the checkbox that says “Manually manage music and videos" to avoid a sync session. This is useful when your plugging another person's iPod into your computer or when you plug your iPod into another's laptop. This method will work for both laptops and desktops.
  2. Plug your iPod directly to your computer speakers. This method will only work with desktops. Unplug the phono connector of your computer speakers off the computer (it looks like the port at the end of your iPod earphones) and plug it into your iPod. Control your iPod as you would with earphones. Make sure your computer speakers are powered on. You can adjust the volume from your iPod or the computer speakers. There is no need to connect the iPod to the computer when you do this and you get full control of the iPod's menu.

Remember that your iPod directly connected to your computer speakers via the phono connector does not provide electric juice to your music player. Connecting your iPod to your computer however does. Go ahead and enjoy!


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