How To Play Keno Way Tickets

Keno can be a fun way to kill some time by betting on a few numbers, but if you want to make a more serious Keno wager, you will need to learn how to play Keno way tickets. The actual bets on a Keno way ticket are no different that a straight Keno ticket, since you are still betting that a certain group of numbers will be part of the 20 that are chosen. Keno way tickets are just a convenient method of making multiple bets at the same time. Way tickets also allow you to create multiple bets around the same groups of numbers for those people who have “favorite” numbers that they like to play.

  1. Choose all the numbers that you want to play. Place an “X” with a pencil over the number on the Keno ticket. It does not matter how many numbers you choose, since you will be breaking them down into groups later.
  2. Draw a circle around groups of your numbers. These circles will make up the different groups of numbers that you will be playing. It does not matter how many numbers are in each circle, but most way tickets have groups of three to five numbers. Different circles can contain the same number, but this will complicate the calculating process.
  3. Calculate how many “ways” you want to bet. Let’s say that you circled three groups of three numbers. This means that you can combine the groups so that there is one way to bet nine numbers, three ways to bet six numbers and three ways to bet three numbers. You would write these as fractions “1/9, 3/6 and 3/3” on the side of the ticket. You do not have to wager every possible way, just all of the combinations of any amount of numbers that you choose. So you couldn’t choose just one way to bet three numbers, you would have to bet all three ways.
  4. Fill in your wagers. Keno allows you to vary the amount of your bet, so you can wager a higher amount and receive a higher payout. Beneath the fractions for the way bets that you wrote on your ticket, you need to write how much you want to wager on each way. The amount that you write here will be the amount that you will wager on every way that you have put down. Then multiply this number by the number of ways that you are betting and put the total cost for the ticket in the box at the top of the ticket.
  5. Turn in your ticket and watch the game. Turn in and pay for your ticket with the Keno teller in the casino. A new game will normally start within five or ten minutes. If your numbers come up in any combination that you bet on, collect your winnings after the game has finished. Remember that in Keno you don’t have to have all of your numbers come up in order to get paid.
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