How To Play Left Handed Acoustic Guitar

Learning how to play left handed acoustic guitar and entertaining your family and friends is one of the greatest experiences in life. You'll love that everyone is singing along to your guitar playing and having a great time. Being left handed can be a real blessing for you. Being left handed gives you the unique choice of learning to play any guitar ever made. Most guitars are made to be played by a right handed person. You, being left handed, have the the luxury of choosing to play a guitar that is made for a left handed person or choosing to play a right handed guitar with your left hand. You will discover that you can easily learn to play left handed acoustic guitar on a right or left handed guitar. You will have fun and enjoy learning how to play left handed acoustic guitar if you have the desire to learn and will devote time to practice. Most people won't notice you are playing left handed acoustic guitar unless they've played the guitar themselves.

  1. Whichever guitar you decide you want to learn to play, be it a right handed or a left handed acoustic guitar, you'll want to purchase a good quality guitar. Before making any guitar buying decisions, take a look and make sure that the neck of your guitar isn't bowed or warped. Your acoustic guitar should have a flat neck and the strings should have no more than a 1/8 inch gap between the neck and the strings. You will learn to play left handed acoustic guitar much easier if you have a quality instrument to practice on. A large gap between the neck and strings will make any acoustic guitar hard to tune and very hard for you to play. Remember, quality is the most important factor in deciding which acoustic guitar you'll want to purchase. You being left handed and learning how to play left handed acoustic guitar isn't any more difficult to accomplish than a person being right handed and learning to play a right handed acoustic guitar.
  2. You may want to purchase a reasonably priced, battery operated guitar string tuner. You can easily tune your acoustic guitar strings by plucking each string, one at a time, and then adjusting the tightness of each string until your automatic guitar string tuner's indicator needle shows that the string is in perfect tune. These affordable automatic string tuners work great and are very easy to use. Get comfortable with your acoustic guitar and strum and pick the strings. Don't be concerned with how your strumming sounds at first. This is about you getting used to the feel of your acoustic guitar.
  3. Next, you'll want to purchase a guitar chord book from your local music store. You can also download a free guitar chord chart or purchase one for a minimal cost online. Guitar chord charts are easy to understand drawings that show the top of the guitar neck. Each chord chart shows the six strings of the guitar and the frets, or spaces where you put your fingers, on the neck of the guitar. Guitar chord charts have dots that represent where your fingers go on each of the six guitar strings. Each of these dots represents one of your fingers. You'll know exactly where to put each finger on each string to correctly make that chord. By placing your fingers in the same location on your guitar as the dots on the diagram, you can correctly learn to play the desired chord.
  4. By learning how to play three simple guitar chords, you can learn to play left handed acoustic guitar. The guitar chords E, A and D only require the use of three of your fingers to play them properly and are great for you to start with. After you get comfortable playing these three chords, you'll be able to play thousands of your favorite songs and entertain your family and friends.
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