How To Play ‘Lost’ Drinking Game

Want to learn how to play "Lost" drinking game? Here is a guide to building your entertainment while watching "Lost." This game will allow for your viewing experience to become more interactive. It is also a fun way to bond with other friends who are enthusiasts. If your friends love the show as much as you do then grab some beer and sit down and play the "Lost" Drinking game.

Things needed to play the "Lost" drinking game:

  • Beer

Take one drink if:

  • Ben tells a lie.
  • A gun is pulled out by any character.
  • Sawyer does not have a shirt on. 
  • Hurley says, “Dude”.
  • Someone during the course of the episode dies.
  • There is an animal somewhere in the distance.

Take two drinks if:

  • Sayid hurts someone without being armed.
  • Anyone says, “I love you”.
  • Someone is held captive. 
  • Gabe is seen at all during the episode.
  • Someone heals mysteriously.
  • Getting off the island is mentioned.

Take three drinks if:

  • You have read a book Sawyer is reading or talks about.
  • Someone says the line, “It’s what the island wants”.
  • Whenever Jacob grabs a drink.
  • When you see Jacob dead.

 "Lost" is very complex which means there can be many things added to the game. Use your creativity to build the things that you drink on.  There are also many season-specific items that you can add in, depending on which season of "Lost" you are watching.  Enjoy this basic guide that will teach you how to play "Lost" drinking game. Along with playing this game trying to figure out the story is complex enough and the thoughts will begin to flow. This game will allow for the conversation about the story to become a bit more interesting.

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