How To Play Mahjong Erotica Golf

Learn how to play Mahjong Erotica Golf and live a little. Mahjong Erotica Golf is a very easy game. It is played just like the Mahjong Titans game, which is a computer, solo game of the original Mahjong. The only difference is the pictures on the tiles, but it is the same exciting game. Follow these rules to learn how to play Mahjong Erotica Golf.

  1. Match identical tiles. The most important rule in learning how to play Mahjong Erotica Golf is to match identical tiles. You cannot eliminate tiles from a game if they are not identical. So, learn to keep your eyes open and use thoughtful techniques in eliminating tiles in Mahjong Erotica Golf. Just eliminating for the first matches you see is not a good technique. Mahjong Erotica Golf takes much thought and clever moves.
  2. Know which tiles can be selected. Some tiles may be visible, but cannot be selected when playing Mahjong Erotica Golf. If the tile is blocked, it is best not to bother trying to eliminate it. This will decrease your mistakes in the game and keep your score high. Having knowledge in the game is very important when playing Mahjong Erotica Golf.
  3. Always try to aim to eliminate the very top tile. No matter what board you may be playing in Mahjong Erotica Golf, there is a top tile. Top tiles are dangerous, because if you do not eliminate them as soon as you can, then it may stall the game and cause you to lose. They tend to keep a lot of tiles buried. Also, do not panic if you cannot get to the tile right away. If you see your tiles disappearing and you still have not eliminated the top tile is when you should find a solution.



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