How To Play Mahjong Master Egyptian Edition

Learn how to play Mahjong Master: Egyptian Edition. Everyone may be used to the original mahjong, but Mahjong Master: Egyptian Edition has a little twist. You could still become a professional at it if you were a pro at the other mahjong games. The only differences between them lie in the images you see, as well as the layout and extra help. The rules, however, all remain the same.

  1. Match identical tiles. This is one of the most basic rules of the game. You would need to match tiles according to their identity. However, there are special tiles that are not identical that could be matched together. Those tiles are usually called the season/flower tiles. There are only four of them in the game. You could only match one pair at a time. Only tiles on the outer edges of a row could be selected.
  2. Use the Owl. The owl is the little symbol that may be at the bottom center of the game if you are playing Mahjong Master Egyptian Edition on your computer. You would only need to use the owl if you cannot find any matches. The owl would show you two matches that are available at the time.
  3. Cast Curses. Unlike the original mahjong, in Mahjong Master: Egyptian Edition, the player could cast curses. That means if you are in a stall in the game, you could cast a curse on any tile that is blocking a match for you. You could cast a curse by clicking on the Ionis which is located by the owl.
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