How To Play Mobile Sex Games

If you want to know how to play mobile sex games, you've come to the right place. Before you can jump start your mobile sex game endeavors, you need to jump start your creativity. Sex is worthless if sex isn't fun. Sex can't be fun unless you're creative with it. As far as mobile sex games are concerned you have to be creative or there's no point to the game. It's up to you to figure out how to get her hot from a remote location. Simple sex talk is old, so you've got to step your respective game up if you want her to melt. Are you interested yet? Then use these tips to get your mobile sex games to the next level.

  1. All fun and games. That's exactly what it needs to be. Your mobile sex game needs to be fun. Simply talking to her on the phone isn't enough. Anyone can talk dirty on the phone, but it takes a real creative mind to up it to the next level. Create a game specific to something she likes to do. If she's in to figuring out puzzles, why not text her clues. Make every clue loaded with sexual innuendo from your past experiences. Each clue will lead her closer and closer to a destination. At this destination is you and whatever freaky thing she likes. You should know her well enough to pull off a mobile sex game like this relatively easily. Not only will she think you're sweet, she'll also think you're a freak. That's the perfect mix, a freaky sweet guy.
  2. Good vibrations. You're not getting all the use you can out of your cell phones guys. Here's an easy yet fun mobile sex game to play. Call your girl and tell her to put her phone on vibrate. Most phones have very strong vibrators. Tell her to keep the phone on her most sensitive area. For the guys that don't know what this means, you don't need to be playing this game. You can entertain yourself with some porn while the big boys talk. Anyway, text her throughout the day telling her all the freaky stuff you want to do with her. Every time she get's a nasty little message from you, she'll get a nice jolt along with it. This is a mobile sex game that'll never get boring.
  3. A good start. This article will start you off with some good ideas. But it's up to you to come up with some mobile sex games specifically catered for your lady love. Just remember, the freakier the better. Nothing should be too taboo with your girl.
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