How To Play Monopoly Board Game

A great way to enjoy family fun time is for everyone to learn how to play Monopoly board game. Monopoly is a board game that uses the actual streets of Atlantic City, New Jersey. The object of the game is to gain as many rental properties and become the wealthiest person with your own real estate empire.

Things you’ll need:

  • Monopoly board game
  • 2 dice
  • Player’s tokens
  • 32 houses
  • 12 hotels
  • Play money
  • Chance cards
  • Community chest cards
  • Title deeds
  1. Select a banker and distribute cash.  One person must be responsible for taken and given out cash. Each player starts out with $1,500 play money.
  2. Start at go. Each player places their token on Go space and tossing the dice selects who starts. Highest total from dice goes first.
  3. Move tokens.  Each player rolls the dice on his or her turn and moves player’s token according to the sum total of the dice. If you land on a property, you can then buy that property. If you choose to pass, it goes up to auction.
  4. Pay rent.  If you land on a property owned by someone else, you must pay rent. If you don’t have enough money, you can mortgage property you have and borrow against the bank.
  5. Landing on Chance or Community cards. When you land on one of these spaces, you must follow instructions of the card then place it face down on bottom of deck. If you get a “get out of jail free card” you may keep it or sell it to another player.
  6. Income tax. If you land on this space you have two options: Pay $200 to bank or pay 10% of total worth. You must decide before counting your money.
  7. Getting out of Jail space. In order to get out of jail you must have the jail-free card, throw a double with the dice within three turns or pay a $50 fine. You can still collect rent and buy properties at auction while in jail.
  8. Houses and hotels. To buy houses on a property space you must buy one house at a time. Once you’ve collected four houses you may then place a hotel on that space.
  9. Selling properties, houses and hotels. Have a strategy in selling utilities to other players. You may sell your hour or hotel at ½ price back to the bank.
  10. Mortgages.  If you have to mortgage a property you can pay the loan back plus an additional 10% to the bank. Another player may take over the mortgage for you.
  11. Bankruptcy.  Even collecting $200 each time you circle the board may not prevent someone from going bankrupt. When that happens all properties are returned to the bank.
  12. Winner. The winner is declared when there’s only one person left on the board who has not filed for bankruptcy. Congratulations you have just monopolized all of Atlantic City.
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