How To Play Monopoly Drinking Game

Learn how to play the Monopoly drinking game to pass go and collect a drink! Monopoly is a fun board game to play with friends. You roll the dice, move your game piece around the board, have the option of buying the property you land on, or if another player owns the property, you pay them rent. It's a game of chance, a game of luck, a game of strategy. Spice it up and make it a drinking game! game to keep everyone on their toes!

To play Monopoly drinking game, you will need:

  • Monopoly game
  • Shot glasses
  • Alcohol
  1. Gather your friends. Get at least two or three friends to play the Monopoly drinking game. Read over the rules ahead of time to refresh everyone's knowledge of the rules.
  2. Line up some shots. Pour a favorite alcoholic drink in shot glasses to prepare for the Monopoly drinking game. Have at least one shot glass per player.
  3. Establish the drinking game rules. To play the Monopoly drinking game, decide when someone has to take a drink. This can be as simple as each time passes GO, they take a drink. Each time someone lands on Park Place, they take a drink. Each time someone goes to JAIL, they take a drink or when they have to draw a card from the Community Chest, they have to drink a shot. Decide and jot these down in case everyone gets tipsy and can't remember!
  4. Play the Monopoly drinking game. Start playing Monopoly and when someone lands on a spot that is established as a drinking spot, chug a lug!
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