How To Play Movies On PS3

If a person is an avid Playstation gamer, it wouldn't be too difficult to learn how to play movies on PS3. However if you do not have much experience operating the game system, you might need a little help. All PS3 game consoles, new and old, have the feature of playing  regular DVD and Blue Ray disc movies. The good news about the PS3 is there is no program to install into the game console to watch movies. Read these simple directions to get started.

To play movies on PS3, you will need:

  • A Playstation 3 game console
  • Regular DVD or Blueray Disc
  1. Turn on the Playstion3 game console. Where you see a small red light, next to it is a circular shape button to press to play movies on PS3. Press the button for a few seconds until a green light comes on. Now you are at the PS3 menu; before it is important to get familiar with the PS3 controller to operate the system.  To go left; right up and down, use the arrow buttons. To select an icon, you only need to use the X button.
  2. Find a movie. Slide the movie disc into the PS3. You will see several tabs on the PS3 menu. Go to the fifth one, which says, ‘Video’ and automatically you'll see the words, ‘DVD Video’ along with a disc icon.
  3. Play the movie. Once you find the disc icon to play your PS3 movie, press the X button and press it once again to watch your movie on the PS3.
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