How To Play ‘The Office’ Theme Song On Piano

You'll be the life of the party once you learn how to play "The Office" theme song on piano. "The Office" theme song is catchy, stays in your head for days and is easy to pick out, even if you only have a passing knowledge of how to play the piano. Playing "The Office" song on piano does require both your right and left hand, so practice in the privacy of your home before breaking out the song for friends if you've barely touched a piano before.

To play "The Office" theme song, you will need:

  • A piano
  • Pen
  • Paper
  1. Sit at the piano. Place your the thumb of your right hand on the middle C key. Place the thumb of your left hand on the C key one octave below middle C.
  2. Start by playing the G-clef notes with your right hand. Find the B key, a white key 7 keys to the right of middle C. Find the high D key, which is nine keys to the right of middle C. Press both together. Next, play the G key, which is two keys to the left of the B key.
  3. Play BD, then G as eighth notes.  Hold each note for half a beat. Play BD again, holding it for two counts, then BD followed by G as eighth notes.
  4. Play BD, then play F, which is the white key to the left of the G key.  Hold each note for a half beat, then play BD and hold for two beats. Play BD, then F again and hold each for half a beat.
  5. Add the left hand. As you repeat BD G, BD, BD G, press the low G key with your left hand and hold it. When you play BD F, BD, BD F, move up to the low B key and hold it. Practice those two measures until you feel comfortable with them.
  6. Press the C note with the thumb of your left hand. Move your right hand so that you are pressing B and the E key, which is right next to the D. Repeat the same note pattern with your right hand as for the first two measures. Play BE G, BE, BE G while holding down low C.
  7. Press middle C with your left hand and hold it down. Play the high C key, which is to the right of the B and the high E key with your right hand. Play CE twice,  holding each for one beat. Then play CE for half beat, followed by B A B for half a beat each. Repeat until you get the hang of it.
  8. Play all four measures together. Repeat the song until you get sick of playing it.
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