How to Play Outfield in Baseball

Do you want to learn how to play the outfield in baseball? Well you came to the right place. By following these tips, you will become one of the best defensive outfielders your team has. Taking a run away from the opposition is just as good as scoring one for your team.

  1. Play deep. Playing deep is crucial to outfielders to two reasons. First is that it is always easier to run forward than it is to run backward. By running forward, you will always be able to put more zip into your throws and position yourself better for the catch. The second reason is because it is harder to track a ball running backwards. Running forward all you need to do is keep your eye on the ball but when running backwards you need to keep your eye on both the ball and the wall behind you.  This is crucial in playing the outfield.
  2. If you do find yourself in a situation where you need to run backwards, don't run with your back turned. Run sideways. This will add a little more speed to your run allowing you to get there quicker and give yourself a few extra seconds to position yourself under the ball when making a catch.
  3. Never position yourself under a fly ball to where you are looking into the sun. Play with your back to the sun at all times. this will help you prevent any unwanted errors that could be costly. We also suggest to black your eyes or wear a pair of sunglasses as a means of prevention when playing the outfield.
  4. Use the the three step method when throwing the ball into the infield. This will help you have an explosive throw to your target, forcing runners to hold and not advance. If you are a right handed thrower, basically make a little hop and land on your back foot. With this foot planted your are going to step into your throw with your front foot. As your foot lands release the ball, and after you release step forward with your front foot. This will put momentum into the ball causing it to go harder and faster. This is crucial to being a successful outfielder.

With these tips you will be the defensive star of your team. Runners will be weary of stretching base hits, your infielders will have more confidence in you to make the tough plays, and your coach will be highly impressed with your style of play. I hope you learned how to be a better outfielder with these four tips.

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