How To Play Penny Slot Machines

Looking for tips that will help you figure out how to play penny slot machines? As with every casino game, you need a strategy to play penny slot machines.  Penny slots are designed to “suck” people in by seeming very cheap to play.  The name is kind of misleading because each play can end up costing you lots of money.  The more lines you select the more you have pennies it costs you.  Some penny slots have up to 1600 lines and if you played every single line at a penny a piece, that would equal sixteen dollars! 

To play penny slot machines, you will need to:

  1. Decide how much money you would like to play with.  Set that money aside and don’t keep your ATM card on you. 
  2. Deposit your money into the machine.  Read the instructions carefully.  A maximum bet could end up costing you all of the money you intended to play with.
  3. Pick a machine with the highest payout percentage. Obviously the payouts are seen over a long period of time, but this is important because you want to play the game that will maximize your winning potential.
  4. Play a penny slot machine you can afford to make the maximum bet at.  If you are on a hot streak, keep betting the most lines you can.  If the machine is running “cold” lower your bet, until the slot machine picks up again.
  5. Always sign up for the casino comps.  Most casinos offer a special card that gives bonuses or rebates of some kind. That way if you lose money, you still get something back.



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