How To Play Pool Against Computer

There's only one way to learn how to play pool against the computer. Practice. Playing pool against the computer is like playing against a pool playing automated Superman. No matter what site you choose. The computer player is a geometry mastering, angle taking, pool shooting fiend. You have to realize, that the computer player has been programmed to understand the game of pool. More importantly, the computer pool player is programmed to understand the programming of the game. Sort of like "Agent Smith" in "The Matrix". Within the realm of the game, your computer opponent is the master. So, just how do you translate practicing and playing online pool against the computer, into beating your opponent? Like this.

  1. The levels. The difficulty levels of your computer opponent can be changed. In order to to learn how to play pool against the computer, you need to start out on a lower level of difficulty. Study how the computer takes shots on the lower levels. Make sure you don't mirror the same mistakes that your opponent makes on the lower levels.
  2. Progression. Beat your opponent multiple times on the lower levels. Once you feel as if you understand the computers' weaknesses on each level, feel free to increase the difficulty. Remember to pay attention to how the computer gets smarter and smarter as you increase the difficulty. the nuances may be very subtle as you increase from level to level. But, you'll definitely notice a difference between the difficulty in beating the computer on level one and say level five.
  3. Mirror the computer. Learning to play pool against the computer means stealing the good shots that your opponent makes. The thing about computer games is the fact that you'll see similar scenarios repeating themselves while playing pool against the computer. Learn from these scenarios. If the computer likes to rely on a certain shot at a certain point, then there's a reason for it. Remember. The computer is like "Agent Smith". It's reacting, very calculated, to the scenario it's in at the moment. Which means, within the realm of the pool game, you can act similarly when the situation presents itself.
  4. Any glitches. They may or may not exist. There may be a certain mistake or glitch that your computer opponent just can't get around. If your goal is to beat the computer, and not to necessarily get any better, try to exploit the programming faults of the computer opponent. Again, there may not be any. But, if you notice that your opponent seems to make the same mistake in the same scenario, then exploit that programmed stupidity whenever you get the chance.
  5. Cheating. Hey, if you don't want to be systematic in learning how to beat the computer while playing pool, do this. If you're getting your ass kicked on a certain level, simply lower your opponent's skill level. You're guaranteed to win.
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