How To Play Pool For Beginners

Finding strategic instructions on how to play pool for beginners may not be easy to do as it is often considered something that is best learned by doing. If you don’t have a chance to practice and you still need to know how to play pool in a quick and orderly fashion, here are seven easy steps to fulfilling that goal. 

  1. Learn the equipment. The first step to learning how to play pool for any beginner is to learn what equipment you are to use. The primary item you will be using is the cue stick. This stick has a wide and a narrow end. The narrow end has a pool tip that is to be chalked during the game to ensure that the ball does not deflect off of the tip at an odd angle. Another important piece of equipment is the pool table.  The pool table generally has six pockets and a polyester coating across the table. Pool tables come in many different sizes and there are generally four corner pockets and two side pockets. Lastly, there are fifteen pool balls numbered one through fifteen. Each ball is a different color and numbers one through nine are solid while the rest are striped.  There is also a white cue ball; this is the only ball that should be hit during a pool game.
  2. Learn the language. There are a few phrases everyone needs to know when learning how to play pool. First, the “break” is when the game starts and someone uses the cue ball to break up the fifteen colored pool balls. Also important is the term “scratch,” which is when you break the rules of the game.  Scratch rules should be established before the game begins.
  3. Making shots. The next step on learning how to play pool for any beginner is to grab a cue stick and prepare to take a shot. The form you take when shooting varies from person to person. Typically, a pool player grips the wide end of the cue stick and uses the other hand to aim near the pool tip. Line the pool tip up with the cue ball you will be hitting. Aim it so that the cue ball is going in the direction you are seeking to hit it. As a beginner, focus on hitting the cue ball straight and work on learning more advanced shots as you learn how to play the game more.
  4. Learn the rules of a game. There are many different games that are played in pool and it is important to know these games to truly be prepared to play the game. Some of the more common games are eight-ball, nine-ball and cutthroat. Learn the rules of the game from a friend or by watching the professionals and enjoy playing. 
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