How To Play PS2 Games On PS3

If you've recently upgraded to Sony's Playstation 3 console, you'll want to know how to play PS2 games on PS3. Sony has released many different PS3 models, causing quite a bit of confusion about playing PS2 games on PS3. There are two different groups of PS3 consoles, one supports backwards compatibility and one that doesn't. 

  1. Determine if your PS3 model is backwards compatible. The easiest way to determine if you can play PS2 games on PS3 is by checking the USB ports on your PS3 console. If your PS3 console has four USB ports, congratulations, you can play PS2 games on PS3. You can also check for backwards compatibility by matching model numbers. To find your model number, look at the rear of the console for the white sticker containing the serial number. The model number is the last seven letters and numbers of the serial number. It can also be found on the top of the PS3 box. The following models are backwards compatible: 80GB-model number: CECHE01, 60GB-model number: CECHA01, and 20GB-model number: CECHB01. Unfortunately, all other PS3 models cannot play PS2 games.
  2. If your PS3 model is backwards compatible, insert the PS2 game into your PS3 console. The PS2 disc should be inserted into the Blu-Ray drive like a normal PS3 or Blu-Ray disc.
  3. Wait for the PS2 game to load on your PS3 console. The PS2 game should now appear on your television screen. You can now play the PS2 game using your PS3 controller as if it were just another PS3 game.



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