How To Play Quarters Drinking Game

Quarters is a fun drinking game that is best played with at least four players, so maximize the fun by learning how to play quarters drinking game correctly. Since there is a potential to consume a large amount of alcohol in a short period of time, quarters works best with a lot of players. The more players that participate, the safer the game will be. Now, follow the directions below to learn how to play quarters drinking game.

Materials needed to play quarters drinking game:

  • Drinking glass
  • Quarter
  • Table
  • Alcohol of your choice
  • Shot glass
  1. Set up. The quarters drinking game works best with a round table. If you do not have a round table, you'll need an area that is large enough where a cup can be set at least ten inches away from all players. Place a cup in the center of the table, which can be filled with the beverage of your choice or left empty.
  2. How to play quarters drinking game. Players take turns trying to bounce a quarter off of the table and into the cup. The quarter must bounce only ONCE off of the table, and it must go directly into the cup. Only one attempt is allowed. If the quarter goes in, another player must take a drink of alcohol.
  3. Who should take the drink? When learning how to play quarters drinking game, it's important to note that everyone plays a little different. Before you begin playing quarters, be sure to establish the rules beforehand. There are two different ways you can decide who takes a drink if the quarter goes into the cup.  The first being the player to the left must take a drink, and in the second, the person that gets the quarter in the cup gets to decide who takes a drink.
  4. What do they drink? Any alcohol can be used when learning how to players quarters drinking game. Typically, all players will drink the same thing. A bottle is passed from player to player, along with a shot glass. 
  5. What happens if the quarter doesn't go in the cup? If the quarter misses the cup, typically no one will take a drink and the quarter is passed to the person on the left. However, since everyone plays quarters drinking game slightly different, some people use the rule that if YOU miss the cup, YOU take the drink. Again, discuss the rules before play begins.
  6. What if the quarter hits the rim? When most people learn how to play quarters drinking game, they will inevitably ask what happens if you hit the rim of the glass? When the rim is hit, the quarter should be tossed again. If the quarter hits the rim three consecutive times but does not land in the cup, the player that threw the quarter has to take a shot.
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