How to Play Quarters

Just about every guy and girl who is of legal drinking age knows how to play quarters. But just in case you happened to miss out on the all time favourite American drinking game, or are just coming of age, we have put together a crash course for you to learn how to play quarters quicker than you can slur "Beer Me!" So hand over your car keys and put on your drinking cap, it's time to chug-a-lug!

To play quarters you will need;

  • A hard flat surface – Any table or spacious counter top will do.
  • A bottom heavy cup or glass – Make sure it has a wide rim and is four to six inches tall depending on what difficulty level you'd like to play at.
  • A shiny new quarter – Better yet, a handful of them. You're likely to send a few of them flying.
  • Beer – A good supply of it!
  • At least one other player – This ain't solitaire and it's no fun playing alone. In fact it's kind depressing that way.

When you sit down to play a game of quarters (yes, sitting down is recommended) you'll want to make sure you're surrounded by good friends or at least people you trust. Once this game gets going intoxication and mayhem are sure to ensure and you don't want to fall victim to being the biggest hit on Youtube.

  1. Pour the beer – The first rule when you play quarters is to make sure each player always has a beer, and keep them full.
  2. Position your target – Place the empty cup on the center of the table within the sight lines and reach of all players.
  3. Start shootin' – Each player takes turns trying to bounce the quarter off of the table in front of them and into the glass.

NOTE: If the shooter makes the shot and get the quarter into the glass, he or she then wins the opportunity to call upon the friend of choice to slam down their entire beer. That shooter continues the process until he misses at which time he must slam down his beer and pass the quarter to the next player.

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