How To Play Raw Files For Stronghold Crusader

Playing the RAW files in Stronghold Crusader requires converting the files to a format other programs can read for playback. The RAW files store the soundtrack music for the game, and most media player won't recognize the unusual format. Some free audio software can convert the files into more common formats for playback in media players or portable music devices.

  1. Download an audio editor capable of working with RAW files. While some professional commercial programs have this feature, free software works just as well. Wavosaur and Audacity are both free options that read RAW audio files.
  2. Start the software and start an "Open" dialog. Most software uses a toolbar button to open files, but some programs have alternate methods. For example, Audacity reads RAW files by selecting the "Import RAW" command. Navigate to the RAW file you wish to play. By default, Stronghold Crusader installs RAW files to the "Program Files\Firefly Studios\Stronghold Crusader\fx\music" folder on the root directory of the hard drive. If you specified an alternate directory during installation, open that folder instead to locate the files.
  3. Save the RAW file in a different audio format. Use the programs "Save as" or "Export" feature. Common audio formats include MP3, WAV, OGG and M4A. Almost all modern media players will accept these file types. Do not replace the original RAW file, as this will make the file inoperable while playing Stronghold Crusader.
  4. Open the new file in a media player. The program will play the file, and allow you to transfer it to connected MP3 players or other mobile devices for playback.
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