How To Play Release Bend Guitar

Learning how to play release bend guitar is a technique that often takes time to master. It's not that it is extremely difficult, it's just hard getting the hang of it. String bending simply means pushing up on a string or pulling down on a string to achieve a different tone at that particular fret. The purpose of string bending and release is to give the guitar a more vocal quality.

To play release bend guitar, you will need:

  • a guitar
  • a guitar pick

The steps in playing release bend guitar:

  1. Knowing the goal of the bended string is the first step. When bending and releasing a string, the object is to obtain a tone, at that fret, either a half-step or whole step higher than what it normally sounds like. Without bending a string, play a note a half or whole step up from the note or fret on the guitar you are trying to bend. Listen to the sound and keep it in your memory.
  2. To bend the string, you must have a note on the guitar picked out, so you know where you want to try bending it. Bending strings often takes three or four fingers, so place either your third or fourth finger on the note you've chosen. Using all the force in your hand, pick the string with your pick hand, while pushing your fret hand up. It's important to do this simultaneously. You can also try pulling the string down instead of pushing it up. Either way the string is being bent and a different tone should be made.
  3. After trying this a few times, imagine the original note you are trying to bend it to. If needed, play that original note so you can once again get it in your mind. Now practice bending it up or down again, trying to make the note sound like the original one that is a half or whole step up.
  4. Releasing a string is what takes place after the string is pulled up or pushed down. To release the string again, pick the string with your pick hand, bend the string either up or down, and while the note is still lingering, release the string back to its original position, so the natural sound at the fret is made.
  5. Continue practicing. Playing release bend guitar takes time to master and practice is the only option in achieving this goal.
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