How to Play Ride the Bus Drinking Game

If you have ever wondered how to play ride the bus drinking game, today is your lucky day. Ride the Bus is an interesting drinking game with simple rules. Play it at your next party or get together.

To play the Ride the Bus drinking game you will need a deck of cards, 2 or more people and a lot of alcohol.

How to play Ride the Bus drinking game:
1. Place the cards in a pyramid, face down. The first row should have only one card, the second row should have two cards, and the third row three cards. The last row should have four cards. You can use five or six rows if you play with a lot of players and an extra deck

2. Deal all remaining cards equally among all players in the ride the bus drinking game.

3. The dealer flips the first card over. Players that have that card in their hand can choose to give other players one drink. Multiples of the card are an additional drink each.

4. Then a card in the second row is flipped over. Any player that has that card can give out two drinks. The drinks can be given to one person or split up. If a player as more than one of the card that was flipped they are each worth two drinks.

5. The next card in the second row is flipped over and the same thing is done.

6. All cards in the third row are worth three drinks to any player.

7. The fourth row in the ride the bus drinking game is worth four drinks.

8. This continues for any additional rows that have been laid down.

9. Whoever has the most cards left at the end of the ride the bus drinking game must “ride the bus.” If there is more than one player with the most cards, both players “ride the bus.”

10. The dealer shuffles and lays eight to ten cards in a line. The number of cards just depends on the group’s preference.

11. The player reveals the cards one at a time. This is where the Ride the Bus drinking game gets interesting.

12. If the card drawn is:
2-10: The player does not have to drink.
Jack: The player must take one drink.
Queen: The player must take two drinks.
King: The player must take three drinks.
Ace: The player must take four drinks.

13. When that phase is finished the Ride the Bus drinking game is done.

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