How To Play Risk Board Game

Learning how to play the game Risk may seem difficult at first, but have no fear anyone can learn how to play Risk  the board game. Based on the idea of world domination, this game forces players to engage in intense strategy and gamesmanship. Whether you are playing the classic game, the online version, or one of the countless spin-offs available, Risk provides game players with tons of fun and entertainment. So here are the basic rules and instructions you will need to know in order to enact your own world domination, via the board game Risk.

  1. Each player in the game of Risk chooses a color for their military forces and counts out the needed number of soldiers. The number of soldiers that each person plays with depends on the number of total players in the game. These numbers are in depth on the inside of the box.
  2. Each player rolls on die to determine the order in which players will place their militaries on the game board.
  3. Each Risk player should choose a location for their military when it is their turn. Only one military can be placed in each territory and only one player can place their military on the board at a time.
  4. After everyone has placed their initial militaries forces, players continue to take their turns in the established order.
  5. With every turn players can choose to reinforce their existing military stronghold or to move in on a new territory. This is done in an attempt to gain dominance in that area.
  6. Each player in the game of Risk earns one additional military army for every three territories that they control.
  7. The most important thing to learn about playing the game of Risk is attacking. Throughout game play, players will also attack one another in their quest for dominance. To do so, the attacking player should choose their territory they wish to attack and the location they wish to attack within that territory. Both the player being attacked and the attacker will then roll a die to see who wins the battle. The player with the highest number wins. If both players roll the same number, the player being attacked is declared the winner.
  8. Continue playing Risk until one person has taken over all of the available territories and thus won the game of Risk.
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