How To Play Rummikub Board Game

Learning how to play the Rummikub board game is very easy. Rummikub is basically another version of the popular rummy card game. Instead of cards though, you play with colorful tiles that display different numbers. Below are directions of how to play Rummikub.

You will need:

  • Rummikub game
  • 2-4 players
  1. Mix up the tiles. Rummikub tiles are numbered from one to thirteen and includes jokers. The tiles have two sets of four different colors. Make sure all the tiles are faced down on the table and mix them around. Each player then takes 14 tiles and puts them on their trays. Make sure that none of the other players can see your tiles.
  2. Play the sets of tiles. The first player plays a set of tiles. When setting down these tiles, there must be at least three tiles played. They can be a group of numbers or letters, but remember that each tile has to be a different color. Or the player can set down a run, which is three or more numbers of the same color such as 1,2,3. If the player can't play any tiles, then they take a tile from the tile pile and move the turn over to the next player.
  3. You can add on to other tiles. Once a player sets tiles out, other players may then play on other tiles in the center when it is their turn. It's kind of like Scrabble. The player can also rearrange some of the tiles on the table in order to use their tiles, as long as the tiles stay on the table.
  4. How the player wins. The player wins once all the face down tiles on the tray has been used up. The player should have no more tiles on his or her tray. This player is then the winner of the Rummikub game.
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