How To Play Runescape On Wii

If you want to know how to play Runescape on Wii, read on. The process leaves a little something to be desired. Involving two devices reduces the game’s performance considerably. The Wii browser supports flash games but it does not have the ability to read Java or Javascript.

Things You Will Need to Play RuneScape on the Wii:

  • Nintendo Wii
  • USB Cable
  • Personal Computer
  • TightVNC or another piece of software that allows the Wii and PC to share files.

How to Use the Wii to Play the Popular Free MMO:

  1. Install TightVNC on your computer. This allows the Wii console to access the files it will need to play RuneScape. Use the program to Sync the Wii with your computer. The process of setting up TightVNC is not hard for an intermediate Windows user.
  2. Start RuneScape in Your Browser.  You must start the game on the PC before the system can access it through the file sharing program. Do not worry. You do not start playing it yet.
  3. Start the Wii and enter the browser. Enter the browser software and go to Start up the program and the Wii will communicate with your computer. TightVNC will load the Java programs needed to run RuneScape effectively onto the Wii.

Using TightVNC requires a slightly more detailed instruction set, but using it to load RuneScape onto the Wii does not require a lot of effort. Jagex’s MMO does not run quickly under the best of circumstances.  The Nintendo browser will run it less quickly than a PC browser will.

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