How to Play Second Base in Baseball

Need to know how to play second base in baseball? Second base is one of the most athletic positions on the baseball field, and in order to play it you must always be thinking about your next move.

  1. Position yourself at the correct place. Second base does not actually play on top of second base. The second base player usually positions himself in between first base and second base. He plays deeper in the infield than the first base player. You will want to position yourself so that you're on the edge of the infield and outfield. This will give you more time to react and get yourself to a ball hit in your direction.
  2. Next in learning how to play second base is learning your cutoffs. Usually when a ball is hit to the outfield, a hitter will get extra base hits. A defense should try to get a ball to its destined location as quickly as possible using cut offs. If the ball is hit to deep right field you, the second base player, will go into the outfield to relay a throw from the right fielder to the infield so it does not bounce and slow down. If a baseball is hit into left field, then the short stop will relay the throw while you cover second base.
  3. Learning to play second base requires you to learn your duties. If a ball is hit to you, then you are not obligated to run over to second to tag the base. The short stop will be covering and all you need to do is cover it. If the baseball is hit to the short stop, he is not obligated to run over and tag the base, you should be covering it waiting for his throw. Covering second base is a two-man job, and the more you communicate with your short stop the more you and he will be on the same page.
  4. Learning second base requires you to cover pick off attempts. If a fast runner hits a single, there is a chance he might try to "steal second." If he does this, then you, the second baseman, will cover second base, waiting for your catcher to throw the ball to you. Now unfortunately, covering second base is not enough. After you catch his throw, in order to record the out, you must tag him. If he steals successfully, then he will be on second base. If the runner then takes a bigger lead than he should, the pitcher can try to "pick him off." When picking off, the pitcher will turn around to quickly throw to second base so the fielder can tag him out. The second base player is not required to do this. This is where the short stop comes into play.

Those are four tips on how to play second base in baseball. Second base is one of the toughest positions to play in baseball due to the territory you must cover and the mental work you must put into it. There are many different scenarios where second base comes into play, and you must learn which scenario you are in without thinking about it, or it could lead to an error.

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