How To Play Second Base In Softball

If you play this position, knowing how to play second base in softball will allow you to properly field and have an impact on the game. Second base involves responsibilities in terms of space and in covering second base. Learn how to play second base in softball from the following considerations.

  1. Know your responsibilities on a ball hit your way. Of course you should not be fielding a ball close to the first base fielder, a ball hit away from you towards the second base bag, and anything that is out of your reach in terms of in shallow outfield. Make sure that you don't overextend yourself in any of these directions.
  2. You need to cover the second base bag on balls hit on the opposite side of the field. When it is necessary to cover second base, it is your responsibility to cover it when the ball is hit to the other side of the field. If it is hit to your side, the shortstop is responsible for covering the bag. Make sure you are aware of when the bag is needed to be covered.
  3. You also need to cut off the ball from the outfield. The "cut off man" stands just in the outfield to bridge the ball entering back into the infield. When the ball is hit to your side in the outfield, you will need to cut off the ball. If it is hit into the outfield on the other side, the shortstop will cut off the ball, and you should be at second base.
  4. Work on your responsibilities. Once you are comfortable with these you can work on fielding, so that you can be a proficient at second base in softball.



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