How To Play Silent Hunter 2

If you want to sail the seven seas engaging in submarine battle, you'll need to know how to play Silent Hunter 2. This game takes you straight into the heart of WWII, where you fight along side the Germans in a lonely U-boat sent to stop a shipment from reaching its destination. Find out how to play Silent Hunter 2 and see whether you have what it takes to battle it out in a submarine.

  1. Start a new mission. Select the option to start a new mission in Silent Hunter 2 from the main menu and review the mission list. Here you'll find information about your objective in the mission and the type of submarine you'll be in charge of. Review the info and find a mission that sounds both challenging and exciting to you.
  2. Set sail. Select "Play" to start your Silent Hunter 2 mission and dive into the deep blue sea. If you need to leave the mission and come back, save your progress and choose your saved game from the main menu instead of starting a new one.
  3. Man your battle stations. You'll notice the station bar running across your screen while in the Silent Hunter 2 game missions. This bar shows the various icons you can click to engage different controls. The periscope and helm controls let you see where you're going and steer, while the various guns let you open fire on the enemy. Click the corresponding button for the task at hand. Each button also has a keyboard shortcut to use in times of peril when you must respond quickly. The shortcut buttons start with the F1 button and run in the same order as the buttons on the station bar.
  4. Keep up-to-date. Check your message lock to find out what's going on in your Silent Hunter 2 mission. This informs you of vital new developments that you should watch out for. From approaching enemies to triumphant victories, hope for the best and prepare for the worst.
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