How To Play Simpsons On A Tenor Saxophone

Learning how to play the Simpsons on a tenor saxophone is a fun endeavor that will not only add an extra song to your repertoire, but depending on how you learn, it can teach you about transposing as well as listening by ear.

To learn how to play Simpsons on a Tenor Saxaphone, you will need:

  • Your tenor sax
  • Pencil and paper
  • Portable CD player/MP3 player
  1. The first few things you will need are either a CD player or an MP3 player in which you have a copy of the Simpsons theme song. If your computer has speakers attached to it, you may be able to look up the song and listen to it while you try and figure out the notes.
  2. If you're having trouble trying to find the starting note, try and do a search to see if anyone else has learned the tune. This may seem like the easiest way, but different people learn differently, play differently, and of course play different instruments. You may need to transpose from one key to another and even then, it may not be the same key as the theme itself.
  3. Once you have the tune down, play it the way you would normally hear it. Then try playing it along with a recording of it. Don't stop there. The Simpsons is known for its many different versions of their ending theme, so try learning those as well. Those may also require a change of key; this is where the pencil and paper come in, so that you can write down the notes as you learn them.

Learning how to play the Simpsons on a tenor saxophone is a fun activity which can translate to learning other songs, as well as giving your ears a good workout.

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