How To Play Soccer Saturday Drinking Game

Do you want to learn how to play soccer Saturday drinking game? The games become more interactive and it will keep you and your friends on your toes. Whether you are playing at the pub or in your home, you will enjoy soccer Saturday drinking games. Make your soccer audiences come alive. This soccer Saturday drinking game will make even non-soccer fans enjoy a Saturday full of games.

To play this soccer Saturday drinking game you will need:

  • Shot glasses
  • Beer
  • Jagger
  • Vodka
  • Other types of hard alcohol
  1. Every person watching should pick the team they are rooting for. Then, when the below rules apply for your team take the amount of the drink that applies.
  2. Goal. When a goal is scored by your team, take a shot of Jagger.
  3. Yellow card. When the ref pulls out a yellow card on one of your team's players, take a shot of beer.
  4. Red card. When ref pulls out a red card on one of your team's players, you take a shot of vodka.
  5. Own goal. If an own goal is scored at all, by either team, take two shots of Jagger.
  6. Breaking into top four. Anytime the commentator talks about a team "breaking into the top four," everyone takes three shots of beer.
  7. "Capello should take a look." Anytime the commentator says that "Capello should take a look" at a player for the England squad, everyone takes a shot of vodka.
  8. Talk of a player going on international duty. If the commentator mentions a player being called on for international duty, everyone take a shot of jagger.
  9. Half time. No drinking during half time break.
  10. Nickname. During second half everyone has to call each team by their nickname. If someone fails to do so they take three shots of beer.
  11. Substitution. When a substitution is made by your team, take two shots of beer.

 Been looking for a way to make soccer viewing more fun? The soccer Saturday drinking game will make it more interesting.  



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