How To Play Sorry Board Game

If you love traditional board games, then you must learn how to play Sorry board game with your friends and family. Introduced to America in the early 1930s, it has reached worldwide popularity. The game only takes 30 minutes to play, two or up to four players, starting from the children ages ten years old and above.

Game essentials:

  • Board game
  • 16 player’s pawn pieces, 4 pawns each a single color
  • 1 deck of Sorry cards
  1. Start the game. Each player chooses one color of pawns and plays with all four of them. You place your color pawns on the starting position on the board.
  2. Play the game. You play the game by flipping the cards and following the instructions on the cards. The instructions may tell you to take five spaces forward, two spaces backward or split the space between pawns.
  3. Sorry, bumped your pawn. You may jump over a pawn. If, however, you land on a pawn then that pawn must return back to its starting position. You say, “Sorry” when that happens, as it’s part of the game.
  4. Sorry card. If you are lucky to draw the “Sorry” card then you get to bump any pawn on the board back to its starting position. In Sorry, the best strategy is to bump those that are winning.
  5. Winning. Once you have all four of your pawns back in the starting position you win the game! That’s how you play Sorry. It’s so much fun, you’ll want to play again.
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