How To Play Sound Through System Speakers

There a many different combinations to figuring out how to play sound through system speakers. Make sure the system is plugged in and the power is on. More times than not, it's as simple as connecting the correct wire from the sound source to the external speaker system. There's always a chance that you might have a faulty speaker system, in which case, you would return them and exchange for a new speaker system. By taking a few extra precautions, you will ensure that sound will soon be playing through your speaker system.

  1. VCR/DVD Player- If the sound if coming through the VCR/DVD player, a connector is required. There are three colored prongs on each end of the connecter. Simply match the color's up to the outlets on both the VCR/DVD player to the back of the amplifier. As long as all three connections are matched up, and the power to both devices in on, this will allow sound to play through the system speakers.
  2. PC- To hear the sound play through the computer, you will have to have external speakers. Plugging the speakers into a sound card may be required, but can usually just be plugged in. The computer will pick up the new driver and prompt you to enable the program needed to allow sound though the speaker system. If this does not happen, opening the computer file will show the new driver, which will allow you to open and manual open the sound flow.
  3. Car Systems- If the system installed in your car won't allow sound through the speakers, there's a good chance a wire is loose. It might be a good idea to ask an auto mechanic to take a look at it just to be sure you're not attaching the wrong wires, causing unnecessary problems in other areas.  If possible, asking an auto mechanic friend is a time and money saver.
  4. Surround Sound Systems- Home surround sound systems are wired into a receiver. If the sound is not playing through the speakers, be sure the receiver is on and connected to the device you are trying to receive sound from.  For example, if watching a DVD, make sure the receiver isn't set on TV. If this isn't the case, then be sure the connectors in the back are attached into the right connecters. If the problem persists, the speakers may need to be rewired.

Hopefully by now your hearing the music to your ears that you've been waiting for. Remember not to turn it up too loud to avoid damage to those precious ear drums!

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