How To Play Star Wars On The Saxophone

If you want to learn how to play "Star Wars" on the saxophone, you're not alone. Few musical pieces are as instantly recognizable as this movie theme by John Williams. Learning to play "Star Wars" on the sax is as easy as finding the right music and putting in the time to learn it.

  1. Find your music.  A very simple version of "Star Wars" is available on Music Notes. You can pay to download the complete solo for alto or tenor sax there as well. If you have an alto sax, and are willing to wait a bit, you can get the book "Music From the Star Wars Trilogy: Alto Sax" on Amazon, used. You can actually get this collection of fourteen songs for about the same price as downloading the "Star Wars" theme alone.
  2. Practice, Practice, Practice. This part's up to you!  "Star Wars" isn't the easiest piece to play,  so you will have to work at it to make it sound just right. For added inspiration, watch everyone from beginners to pros play on youtube.  There are actually videos entitled "How to Play Star wars on saxophone". There are more videos added all the time. Some will make you feel better about your progress, some won't. For the ultimate inspiration, listen to the soundtrack to any "Star Wars" movie.  It will give you the best feel for the piece's mood and tempo.

That's all there is to learning to play "Star Wars" on the saxophone. Get going and someday you can make your own youtube video. Who knows, maybe your rendition will be the one to put all others to shame! Good luck!



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