How To Play Starcraft Over Hamachi

Playing Starcraft over Hamachi allows you to play the Starcraft game as if you were on a LAN (local access network) instead of playing on the Blizzard servers. This is good news if you do not want to pay to have a BattleNet account each month, but you cannot seem to give up the game. If you are ready to play Starcraft over Hamachi then these instructions will get you up and running in no time.

  1. Install Starcraft if you do not already have it up and running on your machine. This process is fairly simple and the CD will run you though it with instructions. If you have any of the expansions, or mods, then you will need to install them now as well. Also, check for any updates to the game, or patches, while you are running the install.
  2. Install Hamachi, if you do not already have it on your computer. You can find it at . This tool is free, but does require registration. You do not need to pay for the business version of the software in order to play Starcraft over Hamachi.
  3. Configure your firewall to allow the network to use Hamachi before any other connections on the system. The specifics of this step will vary depending on your operating system and the tools that are managing your network connection. Consult your manual, or online documentation for the proper steps. 
  4. Create a network. This is the first thing Hamachi should ask you to do when you open it. Write the name down, and share it with your friends. Now, they should be able to logon to your network and you can all play online.

Enjoy your gaming.

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