How to Play Street Soccer

You want to know how to play street soccer. You're looking for tips on how to play the simplest form of the world's most popular form. You're bored and you want read something online and you were like 'Oh, look, its a guide on how to play street soccer. This might be interesting." No matter what your conundrum, you've come to the right place. 

You will need:


  • A Ball
  • A Street
  • Goal Posts
  1. Obviously, you need a ball. This is step one in knowing how to play street soccer. You don't need an official ball. Actually, you don’t even really need a foot…excuse me, soccer ball. You can use anything comparable, from a basketball to a kickball. But don’t be daft and use a medicine ball or something equally as leaden cause you’ll just go and ruin your feet, won’t you?
  2. So, then you’ll need a field. Step two in knowing how to play street soccer. Now, if you’re playing street soccer, your field is going to be a street. Otherwise you’d be playing proper football in the park. It’s advisable that you don’t use a thoroughfare or otherwise heavily trafficked motorway. Find something out of the way, with a good stretch of straight asphalt and enough visibility that you can spot cars and clear the pitch before being run over. It also helps to find a street with the houses set back a touch, so you don’t go and send the ball flying through somebody’s front window, spoiling their tea.
  3. Teams. You can play one-on-one two ways. First, one bloke in the goal, one on the attack. Switch positions every few minutes. Or, set up two goals and sort of go at each other, but that's a bit bloody stupid all said and done. Two on two, you can have a go at it, but really three on three is best. That way you’ve got two goal keepers and two fielders. You can set up plays, and all in all have a more fun and dynamic kick about.
  4. Goals. Step four is, like, really important in learning how to play street soccer. Goals are quite easy to set up. All you need is the posts, yeah? Unless you have some fishing nets that you’re planning on carrying around with you. You can use two sweaters, a pair of shoes, trash cans, even things commonly found in the street, bits of rubbish and what not. To have a fair go of it, you’ll want to set the posts at about the distance of the goal keeper’s body laterally, so you’ve got a bit of wiggle room on either side to work with.
  5. Playing at night is great fun. You’ll have to set up some come of reflectors or road markers to be safe playing at night in the street, but if you can find a deserted stretch or divert traffic, it’s great fun having the street lamps shine down on you like they’re the lights of your favorite stadium. You can bring a mate to act as the announcer and imitate the roar of the crowd. You know, all that good stuff.

And that's it. It’s pretty simple. Just use common safety sense with the road part, and you know how to play street soccer. Some Oasis tracks on the ghetto blaster will help set the mood. Now have at it, son.

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