How to Play Striker in Soccer

When it comes to playing offense, many people want to know how to play striker in soccer. After all the striker is responsible for creating an offensive attack and scoring on the opponent. Here are some tricks of the trade on how to play striker in soccer so that you can help your team score goals and win.

  1. Always think offense. To play striker in soccer, your mind must be trained on creating offensive opportunities. This means that with or without possession of the ball, you have to be calculating your best chance to score.
  2. Develop great shooting skills. To play striker in soccer, you also want to be able to score with a single strike of the soccer ball. That’s called “one timing it.” Practice shooting on the goal from all angles and situations such as off a pass, of the dribble, with your head, and even the all important penalty kick.
  3. Learn how to pass with other teammates. Along with the other offensive players (usually one other striker, and two wingmen), learn how to pass swiftly and effectively. Remember to always pass ahead of them so that they are not waiting to receive the soccer ball. Also pass the ball in such a way that they are at an angle with which they can make a play. Simply dumping the ball to the corner wouldn’t give the wingmen much shot at scoring because of the angle.
  4. Develop scoring patterns and plays. Because the striker is in the middle of the field, they can help direct other players to positions. Spread the field by always having a teammate to the side and behind you. This triangle formation will always give you some place to pass.
  5. Learn the off-sides rule in soccer. To play striker in soccer, you must know the rules pertaining to being off-sides. There are a few things to remember. If you are on your half of the field, you are never off-side. Once you cross the mid-line you must have at least one defender (aside from the goalie) between you and the opponent’s goal, or you must be behind the soccer ball.
  6. Hold your position. The striker should always be toward the front of the team’s alignment. By holding your position, you are giving the mid-fielders and defenders someone to pass to up the field.
  7. Learn to play a little defense. One of the most effective things a striker can do is keep the offensive attack going. If the other team does get the ball, learn how to steal it away to keep pressure on their end of the field. If the ball gets kicked back to your end of the field, the entire offense must re-set.


  • Try out all the positions on the soccer field so you know which one you're best at when playing. Playing a solid defensive position is just as important as scoring for your team.
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