How To Play Strip Drinking Games

Learning how to play strip drinking games is easy. Any strip game that involves alcohol will be enjoyableust as any drinking game that involves stripping will be a guaranteed good time. The key to playing a strip drinking game is to keep the rules simple. The goal of any strip drinking game is to get people drunk and naked. Adding too many rules and parameters will just dull the game. When you think about how to create your strip drinking game, make sure you consider the fastest way to get peoples clothes off. You also need to make sure that the alcohol is a steady factor in the game. Alcohol makes people forget certain reservations they may have. This'll make it easier for your strip drinking game to be enjoyable. Check out these tips for playing a fun strip drinking game.

What you need:

  • deck of playing cards
  • plastic cups or shot glasses (depending on the type of alcohol)
  • Beer or hard liquor
  • notebook paper and pencil for scoring purposes
  1. The rules. Strip drinking games can't have complex rules. First of all, rules with too many complexities are just boring. Secondly, the more intoxicated you get, the harder it's going to be to follow the rules. So, do yourself a favor and stay away from the "Strip Monopoly".
  2. Card games. One genre of strip drinking games are the card games. You can take almost any easy card game, add alcohol and stripping to it, and you'll have a strip drinking game. Say you're playing a simple game like Spades. Every time your team wins a hand, you take a shot. Every time your team loses, you remove an article of clothing. Simple, right? Look at a game like go fish. Every time you lose in go fish, you remove an article of clothing. Every time you have to go fish you take a shot. It's simple games like this that can make a strip drinking game enjoyable.
  3. Strip beer pong. Here's another good example of an established game that just needs to be tweaked. Whenever you bounce the ball into a cup, the opponent has to drink the beer out of the cup. Just add one more rule. If you miss a shot into the cup, you have to remove some clothes. See? It isn't too hard to do. Just remember that your focus should be on getting the other person naked and or drunk.
  4. Original games. Here's an easy one. Pick one person to be the host. The host doesn't have to drink unless he or she wants to. They don't have to get naked either. The host thinks of a theme. Everyone else sits around in a circle. Now, you take turns trying to say things that are directly related to the theme. If you're right, you take a drink. If you're wrong, you remove some clothes. This is a very simple yet very enjoyable way to get some people naked and drunk.
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