How To Play Strip Poker

So you're wondering how to play strip poker? The most important aspect of learning how to play strip poker is to make sure everyone involved knows the rules beforehand and is comfortable with them. That way, nobody's going to leave the game or welch on his end of the deal. Though there are many variations on the game, the easiest version of strip poker is to play a simple game with no betting. For example, draw poker with a showdown at the end, once everyone has drawn their cards. Then, the person with the lowest hand (or, maybe, everyone who doesn't have a winning hand) removes an article of clothing. Here's a step-by-step tutorial on how to play strip poker that should work out fine in most situations:

  1. If you're a guy, make sure there are more girls than guys at the game. After all, who wants to see another dude in his skivvies (unless that's your thing; in that case, carry on).
  2. Establish what constitutes an article of clothing. It is best to agree beforehand what is meant by an "article of clothing." Often, shoes or socks are considered one article. Make sure everyone knows the rules going in so there are no arguments once the game has begun.
  3. Explain the rules of your particular poker game. As mentioned earlier, draw poker without betting is the easiest game to translates to strip poker, since it doesn't allow players to fold and keeps everyone involved. When using this variation of strip poker, each player is given five cards. The player can then draw up to three cards in order to make a winning hand. Since there is no betting, after all players have drawn their cards everyone shows their cards. The player with the lowest hand (or all players who do not have a winning hand) removes an article of clothing.
  4. Get to the good stuff. Once you've established the rules and played a few hands, everyone should be loosened up and ready to go. Once you know how to play strip poker, all that's left is to hope the cards fall your way, or your clothes will fall away.
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