How To Play Taylor Swift Songs On Guitar

You may want to know how to play Taylor Swift songs on a guitar if you love her music. Women aren’t the only ones who love Taylor Swift lately. Some men love her and her songs. It’s okay to admit that you want to learn how to play some of her more popular songs.

To play Taylor Swift songs on a guitar, you will need:

  • A guitar
  • Sheet music for the specific songs
  1. Watch Taylor Swift music videos. Find videos of the songs you want to play on her website or online. Study how she plays the notes on her guitar. This will give you an idea of what chords to play.
  2. Watch videos of people playing Taylor Swift songs on a guitar. You can also find these songs on the internet. There are also instructional videos you may find as well.
  3. Take guitar lessons. You may need to take guitar lessons before attempting to play any Taylor Swift songs. Guitar lessons will help you learn the different chords and notes and how to string them together to play Taylor Swift songs. If you have a friend who plays the guitar, ask him to help you learn how to play. You can also take guitar lessons at a community college if you can’t pay for the costs.
  4. Find sheet music for Taylor Swift songs. You can find these at a music store or on the internet. There are numerous music websites that provide sheet music. Sheet music will give you direction on how to play the songs. Plus, you will learn which chords you have to play.
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