How To Play Third Base In Softball

Learning how to play third base in softball will allow you to focus on defending your area and reacting.  Once you are aware of your responsibilities, you will be comfortable playing third base in softball.  Take the following into consideration in playing third base in softball.

  1. Know the range of your position.  Most importantly you do not want to go too far to your left, as the shortstop will be responsible for his or her area.  Also, be aware of those hit to shallow outfield, where the gray line between your area and the left fielder's in drawn.  Of course to your right is foul territory, where you may be able to snag a few pop flies.  Be ready to go after those.
  2. Be ready to cover your bag when needed.  You should know when you will need to cover your bag.  If there is a runner on first or second, you will need to cover the bag.  Also, cover third base when there is an extra base hit.
  3. You shouldn't be the cut off man.  Unless you play competitively and you have made arrangements to cut the ball off on a ball hit to the left field corner, the shortstop will cut the ball off when hit into the left side of the outfield.  Stay put.
  4. Prepare and practice for the "hot corner."  Third base in softball is known as the hot corner for a reason, where it refers to the balls that are smoked to your direction.  Work on defending these tough hits as well as routine plays you will need to make to play third base in softball.
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