How To Play Thumper Drinking Game

When you are learning how to play Thumper drinking game, there are a few things you will want to remember. Keep your head clear. Thumper is all about remembering your teammates hand signals and your own. Forget the signals and you will be drinking. The more players that learn how to play Thumper drinking game the more fun and intoxicating it can be. There will be more hand gestures to remember and more people to forget them.

  1. Every player needs to pick their hand signals. These signals can be anything from as simple as the peace sign to something that has sexual meaning.
  2. Everyone begins drumming on the table in which they are sitting around. The leader asks, "What is the name of the game? They rest will respond, "Thumper." The leader then asks, "And why do we play this game?" Everyone responds, "To get wasted" or "To get messed up." The drumming continues through the entire game.
  3. The leader will then perform his hand signal and another of one of the players. That player will then perform her hand signal and that of another player. This continues until someone messes up by taking too long to perform hand signals or messing up one of the signals.
  4. Once someone misses during their turn, they have to drink. That person then becomes the leader of Thumper during the next round.
  5. Mix it up. One variation of the Thumper drinking game is to change the questions during the drumming at the beginning of the game.



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