How To Play Uncharted 2 Online

Here are instructions for how to play "Uncharted 2" online. If you liked the single player campaign in "Uncharted 2: Among Thieves," you are going to love the online multiplayer mode.  The first game in the series, "Drake’s Fortune," did not have a multiplayer aspect, but the Naughty Dog development team made sure to include an impressive and entertaining online experience in "Uncharted 2."

Gamers who want to play "Uncharted 2" online can access the multiplayer modes through the game menu on their PlayStation 3.  The game matches and links players through the PlayStation Network based upon what type of online multiplayer mode the gamers wish to play.  If you want to join in on the "Uncharted 2" online multiplayer mayhem, you must first choose either the co-op or competitive mode.  Here are your options for each:

Co-op Multiplayer

A maximum of three gamers can play in the co-op "Uncharted 2" online multiplayer.  In this mode, you play in modified mission from the main game and you earn points by killing opponents.  There are two types of co-op online play:

  1. Co-op Objective:  In this mode, gamers must complete certain goals while progressing through the map.  These may include killing a certain number of enemies or defeating a helicopter, for example.
  2. Co-op Arena:  This mode involves fighting against ten waves of villains.  Money is earned for completing each wave.  Gamers can choose to play either "Survival" or "Gold Rush."  In "Survival", each wave introduces more difficult enemies, with some enemies dropping treasures and giving more points.  "Gold Rush" requires players to place a treasure in a chest in order to complete the wave.  Enemies also respawn in this mode.

Competitive Multiplayer

"Uncharted 2" online has several competitive modes, all of which feature a maximum of ten players.  The competitive modes can have up to five gamers on each opposing team, with the heroes versus the villains.  Here are the types of competitive play from which you can choose:

  1. Deathmatch:  The goal of this mode of play is simple—each time needs to try to score more kills than the other team.
  2. Elimination:  Gamers who choose this mode must try to win three out of five rounds against the other team.  In order to win, players need to kill all of the opposing team members within three minutes.
  3. Plunder:  For this online play, the heroes and villains are each trying to bring treasures to their chest in order to score points and earn money.
  4. King of the Hill:  A random map area is highlighted during this mode, and each team must try to stay in that area until their counter has reached 50 points.  The highlighted area moves around the map.  Team members must kill opponents in order to stop them from scoring points.
  5. Turf War:  Three circled areas will be highlighted on the map.  Teams must take over these areas in order to earn points.  The goal of this mode is to reach 250 points.
  6. Chain Reaction:  Gamers playing this online mode must work with their teams to take over five highlighted areas on the map.  These areas need to be captured in a certain order within 20 minutes.

Regardless of which mode of "Uncharted 2" online you choose to play, if you play well you will earn cash as you level up.  Gamers interested in co-op play can spend their earnings on weapon upgrades that increase accuracy or speed reload time, for example.  Competitive players can buy Boosters to equip during matches, which can give them a distinct advantage.

Be sure to check out the DLC available on the PlayStation Network for "Uncharted 2: Among Thieves" for extra maps and another co-op mode.

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