How To Play Wii Games On A PC

There are a couple solutions for those of you looking up how to play Wii games on a PC. On one hand, there is a quasi legal method involving an emulator. Naturally, this method is only for intellectual curiosity because playing copied games is illegal. The other method to play on your PC uses a video capture device. This is the same hardware used by people who enjoy recording their moments of video game glory and posting them on YouTube. Since this method still uses an actual Nintendo Wii, it is not frowned upon by the legal community.

To play Wii games on a PC, you will need:

  • A Nintendo Wii
  • A computer
  • Possibly an emulator
  • Video capture device 
  • Possibly audio video Y splitters
  1. Shadow method. It was once thought impossible to play Wii games on a PC but bored people can get incredibly creative. Emulators are programs that use your PC to run the console software. Wii emulators have come a long way. The most popular emulator these days would be the builds coming out of the open source Dolphin project. There is a fantastic support team over there, tutorials to get you started and a growing community of Nintendo Wii homebrew developers. And yes, you can even use a Wii Remote to play.
  2. Video capture. The easiest way to play Wii games on a PC legally is through a video capture device. Dazzle DVD Recorder is a popular brand, and you can get them for anywhere from 40 bucks used to 100 plus dollars for the newest ones.
  3. Basic set up. Read the instructions on your video capture device and install the software to your PC. You will need to use the color coded cables from the Nintendo Wii, and plug them into your video capture device. This will plug into your PC through a USB device. If you want to also view the game play on your TV while you are doing this, you will need some audio video Y splitters.
  4. Fire it up. To play Wii games on your PC, first turn on your Nintendo Wii and the TV if you are using it. Now, load the video capture software on your PC. You will be able to see the Wii menu in the program window.


Older computers may have lag issues when using video capture devices so check the system requirements before purchasing.

People who run emulators use PCs that have been set up for gaming purposes. Think multi core processor with good graphic cards like nVidia.

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