How To Play Wii Without A Sensor Bar

Did you how to play Wii without a sensor bar?  Many people that buy the Wii gaming console run into problems with the sensor bar that comes with the Wii console.  The wire connecting the sensor bar to the gaming console is thin, fragile, and easily damaged. If you find yourself in a situation where your sensor bar is no longer functional, it's likely that you have items around your home that will enable you to play without the sensor bar.

The Wii sensor bar isn't actually a sensor at all—it's a pair of infrared LED's or light emitting diodes. Basically the Wii-mote uses the LED's located in the sensor bar to triangulate the position of the cursor. There are probably viable options available to you laying around your home that will enable you to play your Wii without the sensor bar. Below are several options to get you back in business.

  1. Candles are one option that actually works quite well. Tea candles are ideal, but any candles will work. Place the candles a foot or two apart in your room on a stable surface where your sensor bar would normally be located. Light the candles, point your Wii-mote, and you are back in business!
  2. Regular remote controls also use LED's, so if you have a drawer full of remotes as many people do, you can certainly tape a button down on two remotes and place those with the sensor end pointed towards you and that will work as well.
  3. More industrious individuals may be inclined to construct their own sensor bar using LED's from the local electronics store that are hooked up by wire to some AA batteries. This is useful if none of the standard Wii sensor bars are suitable for your situation, as is the case with individuals using projection televisions that are quite large.

Now you know how to play your Wii without a sensor bar in a pinch. If you intend to replace the Wii sensor bar that came with your gaming console, a wireless sensor bar may be a better option for you. There are numerous third party wireless sensor bars available that work great.

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