How To Play World Of Warcraft For Free

Knowing how to play "World of Warcraft" for free can save you a lot of money in the long run. "World of Warcraft" (or "WoW") costs roughly $15 a month to play and this can really add up if you plan on playing for a long amount of time. It’s not hard to play "World of Warcraft" for free; you just have to know exactly what to do and how to set your game files up.

  1. Play for free by playing the free trial from Blizzard. Blizzard has been actively encouraging people to play "World of Warcraft" for free for quite a while now, and this is by trying several days of the game before buying it. That’s right; you can download "WoW" and check out the play style before you ever give Blizzard Entertainment a penny. This is a pretty nice way to play "WoW" for free.
  2. Play on a private server. This is not a well-known method of playing "WoW", but it’s a great technique for anyone that would like to play "World of Warcraft" without paying a cent. There are lots of well-known, populated private servers that many players play on today, and they’re not hard to connect to. Of course, you won’t be able to play with those who have an official "WoW" subscription because those games are hosted on entirely different servers. However, there are many private servers that strive to mimic real "World of Warcraft" servers and you probably won’t have a hard time finding one. Just download "WoW", grab a private server "WoW" client, add some favorites to it, and you’ll be connected to other people in no time!
  3. Tell friends and family that you would like "World of Warcraft" game time for presents on holidays! Of course, this is the last legitimate method for playing "World of Warcraft" for free but it’s also sure to get you some free play time. Just let your loved ones know exactly what you want for Christmas or for your birthday, and the game time should start flooding in.
  4. Use GPT (get-paid-to) websites to earn game time. There are a lot of websites set up these days to pay you in prizes or cash for completing advertising offers. As you complete offers, you rack up “points” or cash, and you can use the points or cash to purchase prizes. Some sites offer "World of Warcraft" play time for a prize, so check into this if you’re serious about playing "World of Warcraft" for free! It wouldn’t hurt!
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